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Innovation, Collaboration, Determination

The innovative My Gym concept began bouncing around in 1983 when our three founders – Yacov and Susi Sherman and Bill Caplin – collaborated to create a truly unique children’s fitness curriculum. Each having a different fitness-focused background: one was dance, one was gymnastics, one was overall athletics, the trio put together a program that combined all three.

Their ultimate goal? To give kids a place to call their own – not mom’s gym, not dad’s gym – my gym. And just like that, My Gym was born and expanded to two locations in Southern California.

Passion meets business savvy

Enter Cory Bertisch and Monique Vranesh, family friends of the Shermans, who were fresh out of college and eager to make a mark on their community and the world. The pair bought the original My Gym location, took it from 100 kids to 400+ in a year – thanks in part to a focus on noncompetitive skill building – then planted the franchising seed with the founders.

With Cory and Monique’s aid and ambition, the My Gym franchise opportunity became official in 1994 and spread strategically across the United States before expanding internationally in 2008.

Still Creating ‘Moments That Matter’

What always has and still does make My Gym special is a hyper-focus on fostering confidence in young children. Our noncompetitive environments not only help students develop coordination and agility, we delight in and celebrate each moment along the way, continuously boosting self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Parent Perspective

    When we ask parents what they love about My Gym, they always talk about their kids succeeding and how happy they were and how fun it was.

  • My Gym Perspective

    We believe fitness should be fun. That’s what we provide through the My Gym program, and when parents tell us their kids can’t wait to go back, that’s music to our dancing feet!

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