Once Your Doors Open, Things Really Get Good

If you thought our pre-opening training and support were extensive, the ongoing training and family-like support from both corporate and fellow franchisees will knock your socks off!

  • Opening Week

    Our team is onsite for 8-10 days!

    • We help you and your staff prepare for Open House Weekend
    • We stay onsite Mon-Fri for your first week of classes
    • When we leave, you and your staff will be comfortable
  • Staff Training

    Vital to your success!

    • 3-6 hours of WEEKLY training is required – your gym shuts down and teachers go through curriculum updates and practice all skills, including safety reminders and spotting techniques
  • Ongoing Training & Support

    For the life of your franchise agreement

    • Carried over from formal training, our support team keeps track of things they’d like you, specifically, to work on
    • Weekly curriculum updates and instruction via our proprietary My Gym system
    • Proprietary business & event management software to keep you organized
    • Continual training via webinars and online classes
    • Live chat and support hotlines
    • Periodic check-ins from our operations team
  • Fellow Franchisee Support

    The best in the industry

    • You’ll have access to one of the absolute most supportive, open, loving franchisee networks in all of franchising
    • Access them anytime via private Facebook groups
    • Strengthen relationships at systemwide conferences (also some of the best in the biz!)
    • Franchise Advisory Board – a group that acts on your behalf, offering ideas and areas of growth to corporate – we’ve made many policy changes based on franchisee feedback

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