Trust Us – When Your Doors Open, You’ll Be Ready

From the very minute you sign on as a My Gym franchisee, your pre-opening support team is already ramping up. It’s a collaborative journey, and we’re by your side every step of the way. Buckle up!

  • Site Selection & Buildout

    Our team becomes your team

    • Interview local realtors with you and review suitable sites
    • Provide a letter of intent and participate in lease negotiations
    • Collect bids from contractors, then work hand-in-hand with them during buildout
    • Keep the project on-time and on-budget!
  • Pre-Training

    4-5 month brand immersion

    • A deep dive into our online study guide where you’ll start to learn our curriculum and age groups
    • Collaboration with our training team on entire checklists including quizzes and tests
    • Participation in class time (if a My Gym is nearby) observing teacher/student interactions
  • Formal Training

    19 days of instruction

    • Two weeks in a gym with in-class training on how to teach the classes, how to run the curriculum, and also how to coach and critique staff
    • Individual spotting and teaching sessions
    • Finally, a 4-day “Virtual Business Week” to learn business and back-office aspects
  • Pre-Opening Marketing

    4-6 months prior to opening

    • “Founding Member” campaign launches to attract pre-opening signups; Founding Members receive discount on first month, on parties, and are locked in at a lifetime price
    • Several complementary awareness campaigns are launched, encompassing local events, extensive social media efforts, and more
    • Our team is there, by your side, at every turn!

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