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Every Community Needs What My Gym Offers

From school budget cuts to decreasing opportunities for safe play in parks and neighborhoods, to the appalling state of the physical fitness of our youth, many unfortunate things are happening in our communities. This is why our passionate family of franchisees continues to band together to control what happens inside the four walls of every My Gym franchise.

Our Promise: To love and nurture children through meaningful play

More specifically, our program helps children develop lifelong healthy habits with age-appropriate classes that focus on balance, flexibility and strength while placing a high priority on creating a supportive, noncompetitive environment that fosters social skills and builds self-esteem.

And we believe it’s never too early to develop those healthy habits! Starting at just six weeks old, our students do just that, and they do it the My Gym way.

Huge differentiators for our franchisees

  • Our program seamlessly incorporates elements of dance, gymnastics, and overall athleticism
  • We develop new, research-backed classes every week – yes, every week!
  • We rearrange our gym equipment based on each week’s new curriculum
  • Nothing ever gets “stale,” “boring”, or “repetitive”
  • Our students get excited to come every week to see what has changed

Being different in the world of children’s fitness franchises has many advantages. And don’t worry, as a My Gym franchisee, you and your staff of expertly-trained teachers will be more than prepared to deliver on our promise every week!

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